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Welcome to the Silverton Church of Christ

A Church in Silverton, Colorado, dedicated to bringing people closer to Christ through our community.

Located in Silverton, Colorado, and situated at the north end of Greene Street and nestled between the majestic Kendall Mountain and Anvil Mountain. This location/setting is an area of the earth that displays the Creator's finest handy work. Silverton Church of ChristThis beauty cannot help but prove there is a Creator and how powerful He is, and yet it is humbling to know that He wants a personal relationship with us. This gives us comfort as we put our faith in a very powerful God.

In and around Silverton there are many types of recreation that allow people to enjoy God's creation in ways that are unique. We at the Silverton Church of Christ encourage people to visit Silverton nestled in the San Juan Mountains and we want people to know that there is a church in Silverton to meet their spiritual needs while visiting Silverton and the surrounding areas. Please come visit us as we look forward to meeting you.

The Silverton Church of Christ was established in 1959 as a summer vacation church and is currently open year round. It is a fundamental church that uses the Bible as its sole source of authority and understanding of what God wants men and women to align their lives with and to adopt the righteousness of God. In doing this a personal relationship is started and built between each person and God the Father through the sacrifice of Jesus the Son. As a result of the relationship individuals have with God the Father He commands us to encourage each other the first day of the week by meeting together. The Silverton Church of Christ strongly supports this command by meeting Sunday morning at 8 a.m. for Bible Class, 9 a.m. for Worship, and 5 p.m. for Discussion.

During the class times and discussion times we share our lives with each other in a deep and fulfilling way. The Lord's Supper is served every Sunday during the worship time and the singing is A cappella (acapella).

The Silverton Church of Christ encourages people to know each other well so we can sincerely share each others joys, sorrows, strengths, and weaknesses. By doing this we help each other grow individually in our faith, develop personal relationships with other Christians, and more importantly our personal relationship with God the Father and Jesus is strengthened.